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3rd May 2007

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#1 11 years ago

Similar to that other thread. My whole system crashes as well. I can play Crysis for a good 10 minutes before the game crashes. The crashes vary from the screen just freezing with a stutter noise, to the screen freezing, then a whole bunch of vertical lines that take the color of what I was looking at show up.(Ex. I am looking at the night sky in the first level and the game crashes with lines appear a blue-purple color) Radeon 2600 PRO 512 mb DDR2 Video Memory 2 gb of DDR2 RAM 800 mhz P4 3.00ghz 420w Power supply if thats of any use. Solutions anyone?


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#2 11 years ago

Try resetting your graphical settings and running on Low for a while and see if it still happens. This happened to me once and this little 'reset' fixed it for me, after which I could tweak the settings again.