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#1 10 years ago

Run a private Crysis Wars server... Very new to this game... Stock server 1.3 patch I have been uploading maps to my server... custom ia or tia maps... then adding them to rotation. Then I add the exact same map to my /ia folder.....

Sometimes in both ../users/...ia/ and the steam/...ia/ Only do this when server gives me the error below Doesn't

"could not find map /multiplayer/ia mapname "

And then doesn't allow me to join server. Again...this doesn't always happen...So I am loading them properly. I use the exact same "mapname" folder for both upload and copy to my /ia folder.

Are there some maps that just don't work with ..1.3 patch?

For example two most recent maps that server could not detect on my computer were :

spherewars AMC-Decharge

Some that worked fine are :

Tropical_Arena amc-amazonia_river KingoftheHill

Same issue with my Crysis server...same error also.... using Crysis based maps of course....

Any help?

Side question.... How do I set up a redirect? Syntax for server config and ftp path?

Thank You...