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#1 13 years ago

[COLOR=Black]Hello, °ƒmķ° is now recruiting, we are a fairly new clan and at the moment have 13 members. We are a friendly and mature clan, of various skill levels. We are USA based however i am from the UK so UK gamers are very welcome. We are a non-competetive clan at the moment however we hope to scrim in the near future! Practice time have not been determined yet however they will be around 7pm on sundays UK which is 1pm USA. The age limitation is 15+ other than that we are open to all gamers. Please visit http://fullmetalklip.rconhost.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=fc4c5b08350335eedde93003919469bf and post if you would like to become a member. When posting please leave your steam ID and AWOL. Another way to get in contact with the clan is to add awollionheart to xfire (me). When posting please be patient...i will reply as soon as i can. Our server ip address is Many Thanks °ƒmķ°-=@wOL=- (Recruiter) [/COLOR]