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10th June 2005

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#1 14 years ago

47R Squad is now recruiting CSS players. All of us mainly are from USA. (most of us are from West coast/ Some central and few east coast) :) This clan started in 2001 in a game called Delta Force: Black Hawk Down..we went strong for 3 years then we broke up in late 2004. Me and some of the other leaders decided to bring the clan back up again because we missed..thats how much we loved this squad..so i decided to remake the website and recruit new members and move on to a different game. Most of us are really good in Counter strike source. We are recruiting mature+dedicated players who would put a good amount of play time a week. Most of us are 18+ and some are 35+. We are willing to recruit people under 18 as long as they show some maturity.. Our website: www.47r-squad.com Our ventrilo server(Your more than welcome to join us): IP: vent4.gameservers.com Port:4289

Our CSS 32 player server 66/tickrate:

Once we get enough members we will sign up for CAL+TWL and compete! As of now we have about 6 members (who are dedicated)

If you want to contact me add me on msn messanger: [EMAIL="dimension7623@msn.com"]dimension7623@msn.com[/EMAIL]