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10th June 2005

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#1 13 years ago

Attention all Gamers, We at 47 Ronin are now recruiting all types of players. If you are a dedicated player and wish to have a place to call home, come visit us. We are looking for the following: CS:S Players BHD Players BF2 Players C0D2 Players ____________

Requirements For 47R: Email Ventrilo DSL or Higher Able to put the dedication in, that we need as a team. Able to play matches or scrims when we need you as a player. NO inappropriate gaming Whining will not be tolerated!!! Willing to comply with our Code Of Conduct 3 Hrs in our server Minimum of a .89 Ratio ____________

If you are interested in joining please contact us Via: Website: htp://www.47r-squad.com Emails: Slick- [EMAIL="rodgerjr@comcast.net"]rodgerjr@comcast.net[/EMAIL] Icewolf- [EMAIL="thecore762@charter.net"]thecore762@charter.net[/EMAIL] MSN's: Slick- [EMAIL="rodgerjr@comcast.net"]rodgerjr@comcast.net[/EMAIL] Icewolf- [EMAIL="dimension7623@msn.com"]dimension7623@msn.com[/EMAIL] ____________ A little history about 47R: 47R is based on a group of people that enjoy getting together to play games. We enroll in tournaments. And other gaming activities. A majority of our members are an older group of people. We want all are members to be happy and enjoy being on our squad and have a good time doing so.