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#1 13 years ago

Hi Boys

The Clan Is 8MM We Are Currently New With A Server But Many People Know The Clan And Are Wanting Clan Wars With Us

We Are Spreading The News Everywhere lol

We Are Currently Recruiting

We Are Currently Creating A Website @ www.8mmClan.Clanservers.com

The Server IP is

So Please Add Our Server To Your Favourites And We Will Be Lookin Forward To Seeing You In Our Server

We Also Have ACTIVE Admins So The Server Should Run Smoother

We Will Be Entering LAdders and Leagues For Css So Itll b Cool :cool: So Please Add Our Server To Your Favourites and We'll See What We Can Do MSN : [email="Bashful_360@hotmail.co.uk"]Bashful_360@hotmail.co.uk[/email]

Thanks For Your Time And Looking ForwardTo Seein Ya cool2.gif


( We Are Also Looking For Clans For Fun Wars With So Enter Our Server And Give US Details wink.gif )