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recruitmentbannerfixedcolor7vs.jpg AIrBoRnE Global Gaming Community

Clan Tag: -[aBn].^ Established: 2000 Website:

Airborne is co-oparated with the US Army rank and command structure We have 2 teamspeak 100 slot dedicated 24/7 servers. We also own a mIRC channel which is:, #[AIrBoRnE] We have 140 active members ranging in age from 14/35, the Community is involved in 7 Different Games in competitive leagues. These are aa, bf2, cs, css, cod-uo, dod:s, guild wars and a xbox live battalion.

We take great pride in playing the games with as much realism as it will allows. We make every effort to compete as a TEAM using tactics and communication to overwhelm our opponents. Winning is our goal but we learn from our losses and strive to overcome our mistakes. If this sounds like something you would like to take part in, please stop by our website and post in our forums or contact one of our Recruiting Guides. Thanks for your time and consideration. Hooah!!!

Please contact a recruiting officer or visit our website to join today!

[ABN]_COL_Tyson Email: [email][/email] Xfire: tysons66