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#1 12 years ago

Clan [HaGGaRD] ( is looking for (smartass) people to join our CS:S server! Ever get tired of heavy handed admins who ban because you hurt someone’s fricken FEELINGS? Tired of whiney Clans who mute you because their too damn stupid to form a witty response? : 27015 = ANYTHING GOES! That’s right, if you want to trash talk all day long to the admins or clansmen, then go for it! We’ll dish your crap right back to you in a nice [HaGGaRD] Care package. We run a gungame turbo knifepro server with a medium selection of maps. Our website has a forum system that allows you to help change the server though the wonderful democratic process! And just like the working model of the American democratic process we see today, the admins can tell you to go stuff yourself! Clan [HaGGaRD] is actively recruting! Join our dysfunctional family today!! Head over to the Clan [HaGGaRD] Forums at However, if enough people are interested in the change, we are a catering group that are looking for more input on server maps, settings, and overall control. So come on down and talk that smack when you blow someone’s head off. Cuz it’s fricken sweet to tell that sac-o-crap he sucks at Counter-Strike Source, and to go play the SIMS.