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#1 11 years ago

The Force 5 clan is a brand new clan looking for new CS:S members! We have a 32-man Gun Game server and a 16-man DM server. Our 50-slot public Ventrilo is always up for use. If you are interested in joining, add my xfire - captnavyseal. If I do not respond, please go to our Ventrilo and talk to any member available. We will have a site up very soon for everyone to enjoy! Anyone can use the Ventrilo for pub, but we ask that you donate for use of the server. Any amount of money will help. To donate, just go into our Ventrilo and look at the message of the day. Our servers:

32-Man GG Server: b_560x95.png 16-Man DM Server: b_560x95.png Ventrilo: vent20.gameservers.com:4251 (currently 15 slot turning to 50 tonight!) b_560x95.png