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#1 9 years ago

We are Frequently in ur section and are recruiting clan members

we have two sites but our originally site are down so we have a temp one and that is: FIuS Mg Clan/Guild

we are based in Norway but are going international.

we have 12 members but only 6 of them have registerd on the site :P we aren't focused on css only since we are a mullti-gaming comunity but our main games are Css an WoW, but fear not more to come :P as a talking program we use gcs, its a good program beats ventrilo, teamspeak and mumble, but the quality is not that good. but its free

Age:16+ are u under u might get a trail Sex: doesn't matter since we have a female css player :P Country: anywhere Experience: none(for wow u need to be 70-80)