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#1 12 years ago

Hello all forum members. I am Turkaless of Clan Apocalytpic Harbingers. I am the new Executive Team Leader of Public Relations in AH. It is my job to try to get our name out there and possibly make some good friends :). Our website is and we currently have 232 members with 7 divisions. The clan has been alive for about 5 years now and is one of the most active, organized, and friendly gaming communities. We offer many things that most other gaming clans are unable to due to the support of our Administration and our Members.

We offer: -25 ranks to climb -An interactive website and forums experience -Multiple gaming and voice servers -Over 75 ribbons to earn -Members of many online gaming leagues -An active and involved Administration -Dedicated Division Team Leaders and Executive Team Leaders -24-hour support -Many promotional opportunities

Although AH is rather large, we provide a family-like atmosphere on all levels of the clan. Unlike other clans, we put strict focus on our good-mannered gaming environments and our intense website activeness.

Our forums are and we would certainly welcome you, so long as you are as good mannered as I am being.:cool:

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#2 12 years ago

:moved: to CS-clan forums (I guess that's the game you play?).


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#3 12 years ago

No, we are a multi-gaming clan. Is anybody out there? It's so quiet =/