HooTs [GG5.1 Rnd/Elim/Turbo/NoBlk/3Knives2Win] -1 reply

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#1 10 years ago

HooTs [GG5.1 Rnd/Elim/Turbo/NoBlk/3Knives2Win] 25 Slot with one always open reserved slot HTTP Downloads From Our ScreaMing Fast Web Server. HooTsClan.net

Mods: 1. Random - Elimination - Turbo 2. No Block 3. Knife Syphon +50 hp 4. Nade Bonus with Glock, USP, P228 & Deagle 5. Triple level at 150% speed 6. 3 Knives to Win, 1 knife is just too easy. ;) 7. With DM style warmup round. 8. Over 89 maps with last 5 blocked from voting. 9. No large maps until a minimum of 10 players are in the server! 10. User initiated Vote Kick/Ban enabled. 11. Custom end map music. 12. In game HooTs Radio

Our server is running on a Pier 1 provider out of Atlanta at 550 FPS LOCKED! This frame rate can not drop. Like reg? We don't... [SIZE=150]



Come help us build back up what once was a great server/community.