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#1 13 years ago

Hello all, I'm [KOL] HammeR from the Knights of the League Gaming Guild. I am here to tell you all that we recently added Counter-Strike:Source and HL2DM and we are looking for members.

If you are interested please goto: *Then on the main page there is instructions on how to join. Also you can contact me on MSN at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

Knights of the League is a gaming community which is around for the purpose of getting people together to enjoy games and make new friends. [KOL] supports many games from space combat to ground, simulators and RTS games.

Here is a list of currently running games. - America's Army (FPS) - StarTrek: Armada I & II (RTS) - StarTrek: Bridge Commander (game that started kol) (space sim) - Counter-Stike:Source - Half-Life2: Deathmatch (FPS) - Eternal Lands (MMORPG) - GUNZ: The Duel - Halo - Knight Online (MMORPG) - Wolfenstien ET

All are welcome! We also have a Teamspeak server for guild use.

I look forward to all see all who are intersested. [KOL] HammeR signing off.