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#1 13 years ago

That's right folks, =|MGU|= (Multi-gamers United) server is up and running and as always we run a clean, fun server for your enjoyment. No glitching, spamming, nade spam or any such nonsense here. We won't tolerate it and hate cheaters and hacks.

As always though we are looking to build our ranks with people that want to game. We are a dedicated clan...more like a family. We have members that have been around for a few years and this is one of the things that makes us great.

If you are interested in joining a clan, or interested in finding out what being in a clan is all about then come and check out our web site at www. multigamersunited.com. We have a lot to offer and our members play any number of games from CSS to Guild Wars and WoW.

Image is everything, and we try hard to maintain that image. We are proud of who we are and believe that we have a lot to offer anyone that is interested in having a vessel to play games with people that they can get to know, not some random server that you just happen to find. With that being said, we are recruiting for MATURE players. Yes, our website states 16+, but if you are not, age is not always a determining factor of maturity.

Check us out and register at www.multigamersunited.com. Get on our teamspeak and tell them Pilot personally invited you. (All of the servers information can be found on the web site) Get to know the guys and gals playing and come hang out on the servers and play with us.

=|MGU|=EmsPilot.Colonel Clan Public Relations/Recruiter