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[COLOR=darkred]Hello, Welcome to the Proshockers recruiting thread![/COLOR] I am a member of a Clan called Proshockers. We have recently recovered from losing members and we are back! History: Back in the year of 2004, two kids named Najica and Officer, had an idea of a Computer Company. As they dealed many hardships, with many members losing interest, and no motivation acts. Soon after this period they created the Proshockers Gameing Team. A Gameing Team that was going to be their promotional force. Since then, the Company has not been active, but soon, it will be. In between now and then, Najica and Officer have picked up many members, including, Clipto, Lil Fresh (Me), Pandar, Laggynate, and many others. Proshockers has gone from a Counter-Strike 1.6 clan to a Counter-Strike:Source Clan, then back to 1.6, then back to Source, then they took a break from Counter-Strike and played SilkRoad Online for near a year. Now Proshockers is back to 1.6, and getting new recruits and the feel back. Proshockers Multi Gaming Site ^- Site (getting a little full of forum bots at the moment, but we're just starting again, so) Servers: 75 slot Ventrilo Server 20 slot Counter-Strike 1.6 Public Server We are going OGL to get the feel again, then work our way up to CAL-O Requirements: - Have some Experience, do not need alot, just some. (OGL or Cal-O) -Have a Mic, doesn't have to be good, just has to work. -Ventrilo (It's free, just go to Ventrilo - Surround Sound Voice Communication Software) -Some kind of IM Program Contact: Xfire - lilfresh000 AIM: Oshjuggalo666 MSN: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] E-Mail: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Proshockers Multi Gaming Site Or reply here! Thank You for reading!