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#1 13 years ago

ok my clan [COLOR=red]S.O.D[/COLOR] aka [COLOR=red]S[/COLOR][COLOR=red]talkers Of Death[/COLOR] r recruiting. its a brand new clan with only a few members we r working on a server atm and have a site up and running. now we do have requirements

  1. u must be a decent player no complete noobs or players hu r totaly crap
  2. u have 2 like ur name on [COLOR=red]CSS[/COLOR] as u register with tht name on our site so r not alowed 2 change it
  3. u name must b able 2 fit the folowing at the [COLOR=red]END[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]|S.O.D|UK|[/COLOR]
  4. u must b from tha [COLOR=red]UK[/COLOR]
  5. u must b patient as the server may still take a few weeks hwever if u would like 2 meet the owners and members of the clan all of them play on this server whos I.P addy is as folows [COLOR=red][/COLOR]

thats the main rules 4 now if u r interested plz go 2 and register [COLOR=red]http://stalkersofdeath.aowc.net/main.asp[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]P.S. if u r a noob u will get found out once the server is online we have a hire and fire man ready 2 test and evaluate all new members!!![/COLOR]