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SopClan is a project by Sopcloud Entertainment, and it is a gaming clan. It's quite new clan, about 4 months old. And now we need more members! Currently we have 20 members, mostly from Norway, but also from USA, Finland, Netherland, Canada and Sweden. We are really interested in members from other countries! Our goal is to reach 100 active members by the end of 2009 and at the same time be a well organized gaming clan. The SopClan homepage is a nice place to hang out when you are bored, with a nice and easy-to-navigate forum. By todays date we have two Counter-Strike: Source servers and one voice communication server with 200 slots. We play Counter-Strike: Source, Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 4. Mainly, we play Counter-Strike: Source, and we are playing 5v5, and 3v3 active. Most of our members play from 2-5 hours each day.

We aim for being a friendly and active community, and we hope you can help us to expand this community!

Memberlist, as of 4th February 2009: JBKnutsen – Leader (Norway) Simpak – Co-leader (Norway) Odsooo – Co-leader (Norway) Rescape (Finland) MK (Norway) Lateboi (Finland) Xpoze/Blizzard (USA) eRiK (Norway) .::Anders::. (Norway) Unforgotten (Norway) Vendetta R (Netherland) Pyroevil (USA) MKLars1 (Norway) SleepZ (Norway) SaiNT (Norway) DeaGz (Sweden) Symple/Shaun (Canada) SneipN (Norway) MathiasTS (Norway) Madrassbaben (Norway)

We have signed up two (2) Call of Duty 4 squads at ESL. 2x Two Man Squads. Only one of the teams is currently active, but they still haven’t played any matches.

We have signed up four (4) Counter-Strike: Source squads at ESL. 2x Three Man Squads, 2x Five Man Squads. Only one of the teams is currently active, and they play matches. The team that is currently active is Five Man Squad #1, and the reason that not more of them is active, is that we miss players.

As said earlier, we have two (2) Counter-Strike: Source servers. Our first server, which has been running since late November, is a 14 slots Warcraft: Source server, maybe better known as WC3: FT. The Tickrate on this server is currently 33. We will change the mod of this server, to a more popular funmod, like Deathmatch, or GunGame very soon. The funserver is mostly to have a fun place to go when we're not in the mood to play normal.


Our second server has been running for about three (3) weeks now, and it is a 14 slots Classic server, which means that it’s a regular Counter-Strike: Source server, with none mods, or anything else added. The Tickrate on this server is 100. The mapcycle is: de_dust2 de_nuke de_train cs_office cs_italy

We also have the entire standard Valve maps in the maplist, together with about seven (7) different aim maps.


What we require by you if you want to join our clan, is this: You have to be 15+. This is because we want mature players. You have to be active on our forums. With active, we mean that you will have to log in a few times a week, and preferable, every day. This is the only things we require.

To register on our site, and post an application, visit

When you register at the forums, you don't really join the clan, just the gaming community. To actually join the clan, you need to post an application. The application is basically our first impression on what your intensions are, and what kind of person you are.

When you reach the front page, you can find basic information in the news panel, located at the middle of the page.

As said earlier, we have a website, with a nice and clean forum, and you can find quite a lot here:

Forum: At our forum, you can find recruiting information, forum games, a “playground”, tech support, General Discussion and more.

Photo Gallery: In our Photo Gallery you can find pictures submitted by other members.

Downloads: Pictures, videos, games and more made by Sopcloud Entertainment.

And much more!

We also made a recruitment movie, which you can see here: http://sopcloud.c...clanHD.htm - High Definition - High Definition http://www.youtub...amp;fmt=18 - YouTube High Quality.;fmt=22- [COLOR=red]YouTube High Definition - Recommended[/COLOR]

Thanks! JBKnutsen – Leader of SopClan Gaming. Simpak - Co-leader of SopClan Gaming.


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