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#1 11 years ago

YOU YHE YOU You want to join a clan? Well now its time to join the =sTF= Gaming clan. We are a small and close group of Europe players. That’s why we only recruit Europe players. But other nations are welcome to join. Currently we are recruiting for all the games we play members. Bf2, bf2142, counter strike, command and conquer, call of duty and go on What can we offer you? - A website www.stf-gaming.com - Forums to make fun with the other clan members. - We have a bf2 ranked server. This is a 20 slot server with the ip: and is set up in holland - we had our own counter strike souse server, but some one forgot to pay the bills. - Also we have our own private team speak server. - Currently we are not playing wars and scrims because we do not have enough members. If we have enough members we will be active with playing wars and trainings against other clans. Than join us. The Requirements. - Our current members are active between the age 14 and mid 40. This means we have no age limit. - A microphone that works with team speak. - Be active on our forums. - Willing to play a scrim time to time. - You need to make fun. - And we don’t need wankers and a holes that are not mature. - But the most important TEAMWORK Other information. - We also have a bf2 ranked server. This is a 20 slot server with the ip: - We play a lot more games than counter strike. For example Battlefield 2, Command and Conquer 3, Call of Duty and Guild wars. For a fully detailed Games list please take a look on the site. - We Started 1rst of June 2006 and we have around 20-25 active members. Are You Interested? - Register on our website and update your profile, after that start a new topic in the following section: games, sub section recruitment. - And post the following information. What games are you interested in joining: Your nickname: If you have bf2-2142 your player name: Your name: Age: Sex: Location: Reason for joining: Do you have microphone: Do you use team speak: How long have you been playing: Past clan/s: Reason for leaving clan/s: x-fire name: some extra personal info:

See you on our website. And Battlefield. www.stf-gaming.com Greetings, =sTF= Hurmyie (Clan Leader of the =sTF= Gaming Clan)