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14th October 2004

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#1 12 years ago

The 42nd Spec Ops Bn. has been around for well over 3 years, combating insurgents on America's Army, with recent additions of Battlefield 2/2142, Counter-Strike: Source and Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. And after recent discussion, we have decided to shift our main focus to CS:S.

Formed after several members from the famous 75th Ranger Regiment (, the 42nd quickly grew into a unit, unique in many different ways.

When the 42nd was formed, the ranks that were used were nothing like ever before in a gaming "clan". From Rook to General, no one has made it past Ensign. Recent agreements among members has since dwindled them down to only a handful.

Each seperate game has it's own competition wing and each wing has it's own name, "Foxhounds" for example. Inside of each wing are fireteams, "Lances". Each lance has it's own commander, "sergeant".

The 42nd is based around community, we don't require you to be on a certain number of hours per day or week, just be active on our forums and TeamSpeak and you'll do just fine.

We now have a simple recruitment process, all you have to do is fill out an application and once it is aproved by a recruiter you will be placed under a two week watch status, after wich you will be promoted to Rook, our first member rank.

We are an international clan, we have members spaning from the USA, to the UK, to Nigeria.

If you think the 42nd is for you, please visit our forums for more information and to talk to some of our members, and hear what they have to say about their experience in the 42nd! The 42nd Special Operations Bn.