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#1 7 years ago

HEY... The Leegends are a new css clan, with only 3 servers now... We recruit for new members, so will you ask about membership. just write to sony320a on steam [fiskeren3250]. Are there more just write or make a comment.. :D b_160_400_0_0399AB_BC0606_A9D402_040C71_1_1_1.pngb_160_400_0_B83C00_FF0F0F_9A0486_03DD9A_1_1_1.pngb_160_400_0_DB00CA_A80000_FF8B1A_06088E_1_1_1.png If you will be a member so pm me or add me on steam...> fiskeren3250 < E-Mail ><

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PLZZ. Play on our servers, and add them to favorite...( , ,

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I have moved your thread to the appropriate section of Counter Strike: Source. Please bear in mind that the introduction forum is not meant for recruitment purposes.

Regardless, welcome to the forum. Any questions you may have can be asked in the appropriate sections, should there be any need.


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