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#1 13 years ago

Hello, I'm the Counter-Strike: Source leader for The Legion. We have recently reformed as a clan after a two year hiatus. One of the primary aspects of our new is going to be a CS division with Source and 1.6. We are looking for dedicated members and dedicated leaders who are interested in taking charge and deciding on a direction for our Division to go. Currently our community is 30 members strong.

With that in mind, if you are interested in becoming a member there are the following requirements: 1. You must be competent (in skill and in manners). 2. Must have a microphone 3. Must be active daily (Not just to play CS) so we may contact you if we need to. 4. Be loyal (No double Claning)

If you are interested in becoming a leader of one of the CS divisions (only a few people will be chosen), then the requirements are:

1. You must be competent (in skill and in manners), loyal, and active. 2. Experience in an active CS clan. I'd appreciate if you could show proof. Previous leadership positions (either in CS or somewhere else that you can show) is a BIG plus. 3. Good communication. If you can't communicate with your clan members then we’re going to pass on you. 4. Devotion. A lot of time has to be put towards this for it to work. We need only legitimate people who are willing to work.

If you’re interested in being a member then please post in our forums, which are linked here ( The clan is based in the U.S. and there is no limit on age. Just follow the instructions located in the forums section and give us a brief overview of your experience and interest in CS, and we'll get in contact with you quickly. We also have Team speak and servers.

Those interested in applying as leaders should contact me or Jubalint directly with a resume of why you think you fall under these requirements I listed above, along with any other comments you might have about the direction of the CS division. You can submit this to by e-mail or contact Jubalint on AIM for an interview. Jubalint’s contact information is as: E-Mail – [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] AIM - Lord Jubalint

My contact Information is:

If you have any questions then you can just post them in this thread. Doesn’t matter how dumb it may sound, feel free to post.