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- Contact info - What is the name of the clan: The Xiled Ones - The website address of the clan: The Xiled Ones | Multi Gaming Clan - In what country is the clan based on: Europe (everone can join) - How many members you have: 11 (5 active) - For how long has the clan been going on: Almost 2 years (since June 2006) - Ladders / cups you may play in: The SGL and Enemy Down - Which time and day you prefer for practices: Evenings - Does the clan have a server: If we get atleast 10 active members then we get a server. - Any additional info about the clan: This clan is a multigaming clan, so we actually have several games that has active members. But the CSS section is hurting a bit since alot of members had other things to do in life, so now we are looking for more active members. This clan has actually existed more than 2 years, Called EVO back then. But everything went bad since the clan leader and most of the entire clan went to play World of Warcraft. So we decided to break loose and form another clan wich is (drum rolls....) The Xiled Ones (ironic name isnt it? :P). Other than that we are a friendly community and wishes everyone welcome to join us =) Then give any possible limits for the player: - Age: Need to be atleast 18 - Sex: Doesn't matter if you're male or female, everyone is welcome =) - Country: Europe so every one is welcome to join :D - Experience..?: Don't need to have the best skills in the world to join us, you can even be new to the game and still be allowed to join as long as you're 18+.