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#1 11 years ago

Hello everyone. I hust upgraded from 1.6 to source after I bought my new computer. I also had realized that 1.6 was behind the times and it was time to retire my beloved game. For me, CS S offer new oppurtunities in the age old world of CS. To do these things though, a clan is needed. I have joined two clans in anticipations for orderness and productivity,but each have yet to occured. These clans were full of kids, nd people who were not serious players. Today brethern, I call uipon you. I am looking for a couple guys (OVER THE AGE OF 18) to help me put together a serious clan. Im talking about someone that knows how to get a server up and running, people who are talented at the game and can get things done, and people that are reliable. If I can get some comrades, we can make this happen. If you are interested in starting up a clan, message me on my xfire (octavariumdt) or IM me on AIM (DumbNDrummer09)