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#1 13 years ago

Looking to recruit 6-7 skilled low+/Mid players (high players are welcome too laughing_nomat.gif) We also need a good caller too Requirements. ▫ Active (Available Monday-Saturday 8pm+) ▫ Speak English ▫ Mature (16+ LANable would be nice but dont have to ) ▫ Serious yet up for a good time. ▫ Dedicated and willing to put time into the clan. ▫ Ventrilo/TeamSprak 2, mirc, Xfire working mic, basically all the essentials. Please don't be put off because we are a new team everone has to start some where. We will be looking into joining ED when we have a full team but untill then we be playing pcws and mixes pm,xfire or post in our forums if you wanna chat about joining