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#1 10 years ago

Wildstrikers Gaming is a New Community which started in March and it has been growing little by little. We have 30-40 members but hopefully after this post it will grow even more. We don't have a Ping limit in our servers so anyone can join noone is left out. These are our servers at the moment: banner_560x95.png?random=732435 banner_560x95.png?random=40083 banner_560x95.png?random=336299 Our Future plans for our community as soon as we hit maybe a 50-80 member milestone we will start upgrading and making more servers. Our Website is : http://wsclan.spruz.com/ My Email: [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] And if you may have any Questions Come to our Ventrilo and Look for one of these players for information about our community: Jesus, Noway, Phantom Greed, William G, Daemon-Gen, Joshua, Nodir and any of our members who have a WS tag. They will direct you to people who can help. Our owner is : William G and His one Goal is to have a good community so please assist us guys. Our one Requirement we have above all else is Please be active. Well thank you for reading this post and i am hoping to have more people in our servers. Our battlefield 2 server will be 20 slots in september. Thanks. - Phantom Greed