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26th July 2004

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Zone of Ultima http://www.zouclan.com http://www.zoneofultima.com Zone of Ultima multi-gaming clan is recruiting for Counter-Strike Source. Zone of Ultima seeks active, dedicated, and mature players who want to be in a serious gaming clan. There are a few requirements that must be met to be elgible for our trial program; we ask that you be at least 16 years of age, be active on the forums/games/xfire, and that you obtain all programs that are needed. We are not in any leagues as of yet, but we are considering it. Respect and sportsmanship on the game is something we hold close to our cuase. With this we try to bring to our members a fun, fair, and friendly gaming enviroment. Before we may allow a person to actually join ZoU, they must be voted upon by other members after they have completed our trial program. While in our trial program, our members will get to know you, and we will be able to observe your attitude, dedication, and integrity. For more information on how to join this trial program please refer here. ZoU has currently has three dedicated Counter-Strike: Source. Please join our forum to learn more about us and help expand our community. If you have any questions contact me with the information below. Xfire: sevtron Email: [email]JeremyAW2004@yahoo.com[/email] Sevtron Zone of Ultima Admin