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1st May 2004

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#191 16 years ago
KillorLiveHow does that work, Back for a little? Please, explain. I want detailed graphs and logical conclusions to how you can be your own grandmother.

time travel dude, don't you ever watch futurama?

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20th August 2003

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#192 16 years ago

time travel indeed. (futurama rocks!)


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9th February 2004

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#193 16 years ago

As I have said before, give me my full-fledged second ammendment with non of these stupid lefty-liberal laws, and sure, they can have their rights.

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23rd May 2004

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#194 16 years ago

who really fuckin cares anyway.....if homos want to get married then go for it..I dont see why this is even an issue someone should start a thred called bring back segrigation.......would make just as much sense