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#1 16 years ago

hey guys im new to this map editing stuff tried it once in hl1 but never got the hang of it anyway im older now and im trying 2 get it to work what i really want 2 do is edit the cz version of office so i convert the bsp 2 a map file so taht i can load it into hammer i get it loaded but when i try 2 compile it using my cz.exe it asks me 2 insert a disk so i insert my cz disk try it again and i get a different error so i decide 2 use the exe thats on my desktop when i do that it just opens steam and will not open the lvl im wondering what i have 2 set up so that i can run around in my compiled lvl can anyone help me out? if anything i have said is unclear please let me kno i have 2 figure this out what i wanna do with office is gonna be fun