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28th May 2003

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#21 17 years ago

'BOXER [CAN']Every time I see a post saying that this country had much better soldiers than another, or that that country sucked in the war, I can't help thinking to myself that most people just dont see the big picture. In terms of people, everyone in the world, from africa to asia to europe is genetically 99.9% the same. That is hardly a difference that would give any country an advantage over another. So what makes a difference and allows some countries to do better than others in a war you ask. Mainly social and economic factors of the time.

To build a large army, you need money and viable reasons to spend a large amount of that money on an army. As far as economics go, some countries simply have more natural resources that others, which translates into more money. Other factors include the number of population, education, and work-force. If we would compare the natural resources of a european country to a country located in a arid region of africa, we would notice a substancial difference in GDP. But the discrepencies between the GDP's of most european countries are negligible.

So then that leaves social factors. A country would not spend a great percentage of its resources building an army without a valid reason. Because the money that goes into building army is removed from other areas of society like education, health care and social services. There for the quality of life of the citizens of that country will decrease. If we look at Germany, they had a great reason to want and try to build the best army in the world. And very importantly was backed by great propoganda. This way the soldiers and people where backing the state in everything it did. Now what would have stopped countries such as France, Italy or Spain to create an army on par with that of Germany's? Nothing really, they had the money, but they had no reason to do so.

And now looking at how some soldiers performed better, and fought harder than others in battle. Well that greatly depends on their morale and if they beleived that the cause was really worth the loss of their life. The Germans where pretty much brainwashed by Hitler, and their morale was very high because Hitler had built such a large army. Thus they fought very well. But countries who where severly outmatched due to the circumstances had much lower morale, and why continue a battle that will surely end in your defeat? It is much more intelligent to surrender a save you own life. And to anyone who thinks that they would of done the contrary, I seriously think that you should reconsider the horror of getting your brains blown out at 17 over a lost cause and a senseless war that you have nothing to do with.

Anyways the whole point of this tread was to show that yes, some armies where better than others, but that had nothing to do with the people themselves, but many other factors and circumstances present at the time. I know that many of you already know this but it seems that there are a lot of young kids here that keep arguing over pointless treads.

One last example before i shut up. Here in Canada we pride ourselves at having the best hockey players in the world. Now does that mean that we as a people are better than americans at playing hockey? Or does it just mean that we have a larger population of hockey players thus producing a higher number of good profesional players? You decide.

Sry for the sp.

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19th August 2003

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#22 17 years ago

LOL maniac!!!!! owned!!!!!!!! me likes that flame ;)


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16th September 2003

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#23 17 years ago
You couldn't write it anymore gay..... blahblahblah

MG42Maniac, read this:


just because this is melee doesn't mean you have to act like a twat. if you have nothing sensible to post in the thread, don't post.

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1st March 2003

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#24 17 years ago

Ugh, well, you've reinforced another Canadian steriotype. Way to go! Ass. Canada doesn't even HAVE the best players! Nordiques went to Colorado years ago! And when was the las time us folks in canada won? It's been a while. But....whe have a mosiac society, so we don't have angry people falling into the melting pot! Though we DO mimic the US....ugh, I have no National pride. There just isn't much here...No shootings though, lol, just...hunting accidents.....