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#1 13 years ago


Im having problems with q3map2...

I saw a tutorial on this site for it that was posted back in 2004 and how to convert .bsp files back to .map for further editing..

I need to do this but it doesnt seem to be working for me..

I am following this:

"Copy the BSP to C:\Program Files\GTKRadiant

Go to Start > Run > cmd

Type cd C:\Program Files\GTKRadiant

Then type in q3map2.exe -convert -format map -game ja map.bsp

Replace map.bsp with the map name."

And then im getting this error:

C:/Program Files/GtkRadiant/de_dust2.bsp is not a RBSP file

How do you fix this? Please could somebody help.. I really really need it...

Thanks, ;;Jas0n