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#1 14 years ago

hey, i have these problems, when i install new skins the W models are placed at the bottom or in other words it is not at the hand but at the p***s so, i wonder if i could fix this>? the next thing is how am i going to install the ct and t skins? the read me says that i just need to paste it in the cstrike folder but nothing happen,when i checked back, the files name are not same for an example: in folder it says teror,ct but in the skins the name is ct_urban or t_phoenix.?the last thing that puzzles me is i had download a map pack but i can't play them there's an error it says something like this:CModelLoader::Map_IsValid... Map 'de_hangcastle_s' bsp version 20, expecting 19 map load failed: de_hangcastle_s not found or invalid

it didi not happen to this files only but to all fof the map that i download! so can anyone gave me any solution? cause i know i install the files as the read me tells me....I'M BEGGING ANYONE OUT THERE JUST PLEASE REPLY