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#1 14 years ago

I dont know hwat happned but I installed steam AGAIN and this time cs,cz and half-life appear to be updating. Im not sure what happened but i know i went to cz properties in the games list and saw that it wa actually updating. So im happy. IM REALLLLY hoping thta it's actually working this time and not just sum techincal crap. But cz seems to be updating its still at 0% but i saw that it was actually updating becasue it showd the k/bs fluctuating. IM HOPING IT WORKS.:) thx for the help. if it doesnt work ill be back on here asking for help, lol.:) OK GOOD the % for cz has changed from 0% to 1%. SO YES ITS WORKING. Finnaly after uninstalling like 4 or 5 times i got it to work. Now i hope nothing goes wrong. But it is updating cs, cz and deleted scenes so for me its gonna take a WHILEEEE. Damn i wish it just updates one of them and not all 3. Maybe its becuz i kept klicking to update them all because i got realllly DESPERATE. But whatever as long as they are being updated im happy.:) I chekd in monitor window and it DOES show that cz and half-life ARE updating. cs doesnt seem to be in monitor window so i dont think its updating but that doesnt matter becuz cz is what i need. Plus if your playing cs on net ur still gonna be playing with cz guns and so on so it really doesnt matter. ALL I care about is playing cz becuz thats pretty much the only thing to play. Like if you launch cs you still play in cz mods right? becuz i remember when my steam workd fine i would launch cs sometimes and I would still find myself in servers with new guns and so on. so it really doesnt matter huh. CZ is the main thing and even if you launch cs ur still playing in cz servers. IM HAPPY that it got working. I DUN KNOW HOW I FIXD IT BUT I DID LOL. Good ol' uninstalls, and so ON, lol.:)