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#1 16 years ago

:beer: I used to have all the half-lifes "from the days before steam" and well i reformated my hard drive and i tryed steam and frankly i got the new cs cz and i thought it was kickass and plus i beat it, well at any rate i have 56k and if i reinstalled all my half-lifes and cs cz and put them on steam it up dates itself then it also updates its self in that moniter way i think should i leave my computer on over night to get all the updates to the games? One more thing my modem used to go off into "auto-dail" from cs cz and i unstalled it and my modem went off still after it i think i fixed it by deleting some of its stuff by opening it with notebook and deleting half of its info and it stopped then 3 weeks later it comes back heres the file System_48073.dat look it up in search if ya got windows because it keep making my modem go into auto dail its over cause i luv reformating my 120gb hard drive If you have any clue on what that system_48073.dat file is help me cause I'm really pissed off on wtf it was doing