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6th June 2004

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#1 16 years ago

For the love of God and all that is holy, can someone please help me fix this. I just bought condition zero yesterday and it will not let me edit my damn keys. I am trying to set my movement keys and it will not re-program them. I have even tried editing them in my folders and it still will not work, if anyone knows how to fix this, PLEASE help me. If there is a script that will let me edit my keys can you please send me a link, or if you are a real nice person and do no mind helping me write a script, i would like my keys as the following forward - Uparrow backward - Backarrow strafe left- left arrow strafe right- right arrow walk- right ctrl crouch- right shift jump- enter reload-insert use- end if you do this please send it to [email=""][/email] i just want those keys re-bound and it will not let me, if someone could please help me i would be most greatful, thank you for you're time! Skrill