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#1 16 years ago

hey im new to pc gaming but im an xbox vet lol...i just bought WoW and half life 2/ sound is fine in WoW and Half Life 2, but my audio is all messed up when i play counterstrike condzero online or in's like my sound is about a second to half a second late..i'll fire my gun, then a half second later after the bullet hit the wall, it will make a gun noise...has anyone else had this problem??


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#2 16 years ago

yes dude i have the same problem! when u played half life 2 did it do it when the character were talking? it happens to me all the time online with source and its anoying, it happens on the main originonal maps but not the custom ones which are small. also when i run ventrilo at the same time it come up with some bullshit about direct sound input but i have it selected on the settings, and then it wont let me talk on venty! (some crap about seding information o fast) which is a load of bullshit cause i use it wiht everygame i play and this is the 1st time its happned! :'( HELP PLZ