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#1 11 years ago

I just realized after playing a skirmish in DoW (the first one) after playing DC, there are some weapons and features that are gone. For one, I think the building buttons on the build menu are much better in DoW than DC, and such weapons like personal rocket launchers are gone for all except the Space Marines. I guess they removed them for balance issues, which is a shame because it really added depth and versatility to the units, but I don't know why they changed the interface to cool stylized icons to bland, generic ones (for example, the Chaos icons in DoW were dark brown and had that "skin-patch" background to it, while in DC they're just white). I hope they re-add these in a new patch, or in Soulstorm...


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1st August 2007

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#2 11 years ago

hey eridani i know why they changed it, its because it was harder to see the image over the background! hope that helped! see you in hell....

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#3 11 years ago

Yeah I know what you mean. Chaos is one of my favorite (second only to the space marines) but I think Relic realized that too many people were beginning to play Chaos like a Space Marine force...with a freakin Bloodthirster. I would always upgrade my CSM's with two plasma guns and two rocket launchers to kill everything: vehicles, buildings, both types of infantry. But because of that I stopped using the horrors, posessed marines, and even the obliterators at times. I think Relic just wanted us to utilize more of the different units that were more specialized in destroying vehicles, thus changing CSM squads into anti infantry and/or anti heavy infantry units.