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11th January 2007

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#1 12 years ago

Does anybody know if there is a map-pack which brings the HQs from the DC campaign into normal singleplayer? I would do it myself but i don't even know how to make normal maps:( If such a map-pack doesn't exist can somebody PLEASE agree to do this:bows: (i think i'm not the only one who would appreciate your work;) ) thx


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17th May 2006

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#2 12 years ago

no there is not a map pack. You could always extract them using the mod packeger from the rdn tools. download them and extrat thq/dawnofwar/dxp and there should be a data file i think its in there if u try it out. but u could really screw up the campgin and game


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23rd February 2007

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#3 12 years ago

I'm sorry but you can't change the HQ spawn points, and even if you find the designated HQ you must be a Experienced SCAR coder to change something there. However you can change the HQ and Territory Apearal just like I did with the Murad Swamplands.. *found inside a HQ map* I found, circles where it said for Example; player: Spawn1 or something close to that you can ask a SCAR do some work. *Isues encountred if Change Apearal* The Enemy will procced as normal but if you can't use the ME you will surely forget to use the Impass editor so some plants and buildings maybe will completely change gameplay but no serius bugs are encountred, som make your changes if you want when you find it! I have them but they are very big about 700MB.