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Survival Maps:Map pack II - Release! Includes patch for map pack I Gameplay The gameplay is designed as players vs AI. FORGET EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT COMP STOMPS - This is not designed as a simple comp stomp you could get anywhere online, or using the Skirmish AI Mod. It is designed as a defensive map where the player must hold out against 15 levels of enemy attacks before being given the order to advance and crush the enemy. It is something of a hybrid Tower Wars style of gameplay and is meant to fill the need for defensive maps.

Setting up your game When you set up your game, you simply choose this map as you would any other map. This has been designed with specific win conditions and game options in place. DEVIATING FROM THIS SETUP WILL NOT DELIVER THE INTENDED EXPERIENCE. These things listed below are VITAL to ensure the map works. 1) YOU MUST put an AI player in the final player spot. If it is a 6P map, the AI needs to go in position 6, 3 player maps need the AI in position 3, 2 player maps need the AI in position 2 and so on. 2) You MUST have fixed start positions Failure to do this WILL cause a SCAR error. The map was designed to be played using the win condition annihilate, but deviating from this will not break the game. You can select Quick Start or Standard resources and the SCAR adjusts the attacking waves accordingly, and if you select an AI ally, you can expect them to do stupid things and screw you over unless of course you have the superlative AI mod running.

How it works When you load the map, the scar code checks to see which settings you have chosen (standard or QS), which race the enemy is (The AI in the final position) and how many players there are. It spawns some req points and resources for each player (So if you're on your own it only spawns enough points for you!) Each player is given their own set of attack waves, so if you wish to play 1v1 (Yourself vs AI) You're only going to face your own waves. Obviously when there's 2 vs AI each player has their own set of attack waves and killing your attack wave moves you up onto the next 'level' and you'll face tougher enemies in your next wave. In this way, good players will advance a lot faster, and weaker players will not need to face too hard enemies too quickly. Capturing a critical location will provide you with a much needed bonus! Oh.. Don't rush. I'm not judging rushing as a tactic, but it isn't advisable here - this is supposed to be about defending a pass, not spanking someone into next week with vespids! If you play as a skirmish game, you'll receive a rank - starting as a private. Whenever you are successful in completing all 15 levels you will be given a battle commendation which is saved to your player profile. When you receive enough commendations you will be promoted. Unfortunately there is no way of getting this ranking system in place in multiplayer, so I'm looking for some great 1v1 defensive maps! These battle commendations are NOT map specific, so you can earn battle commendations on any map, and they are cumulative - resulting in increased ranks! Can you make it to General? The battle commendations can only be earnt through 1v1 games in skirmish.

Userbars Once you have achieved a rank, if you send me (Argonaut) a Private Message on Relicnews.com Dawn of War discussion Forums with a screenshot showing your rank displayed in-game, I’ll send you a userbar corresponding to your rank. Here’s some of the opening userbars – If you don’t get a reply to a PM soon, hang in there! I may get a lot of requests for userbars, and I’ll send you one, don’t Worry! 03corpralgc5xu1.jpg 02privatefirstclassth1dt1.jpg 01privatebz3vn1.jpg

The zip file contains an installer, and when you run it, it will overwrite the existing files and update your maps to the latest versions. Simply unzip and double click to start the install wizard. If you are new to these maps, you can check out our history and the map pack 1 thread. All of the maps from these earlier threads are included in map pack II, so this is all you need to be bang up to date. If you are a survival Virgin, you must ensure you set the maps up properly or you will suffer a SCAR error. In short, the final player slot on any map MUST be computer controlled, and you must have fixed start positions. If you don't,the maps don't work. changelog - ++NEW MAPS++ - Kileak (1v1) By Aralez - Flooded Tomb (1v1) By 'Tom.. - The Hunted (1v1) By Col Steel - Lost Relic (2v1) By S1_ONE - The Reckoning (2v1) By Col Steel - Chaos Downtown (3v1 - converted Kaysr Lutien) By Aralez - Pavonis (3v1 - Converted) By Aralez ++EXISTING MAPS++ - Heretic - Completely overhauled with more room to build, better defences, less obstacles and improved pathfinding. - Slash's Demise - Edited to improve pathfinding - Orion Base - Cosmetic and pathfinding improvements. - Abandoned Outpost - custom Icon and Minimap. - Last Stand - Slightly moved the base position. Other minor edits to other maps in map pack I. All maps should now have custom loading screens. ++Code Changes++ - The enemy AI difficulty has been made a lot more diverse. The Easy level is a lot easier (you now get 2 minutes between the death of one wave, and the spawning of the next) and insane is a little harder. The enemy now get their research upgrades based upon the difficulty level you select, and your difficulty level selection will dictate how fast the enemy progress through the Tiers. - I've added a lot more detector units to the attacking waves to prevent the Necron abuse where they cloak and destroy everything without really taking a scratch. - You no longer need to kill the basilisks in the IG waves to progress. You can complete the wave and leave the basilisks alone if you wish, but they could get to critical mass if left unattended for too long. - Krootox and Crisis Suits removed from early Tau attack waves. - SCAR error on abandoned outpost fixed. - Tau reinforcements bug fixed. - Ranking up bug fixed. - Enemy will target builders at early levels. ++Installer++ the installer will now put an uninstall icon and website link in your start menu, where before it was an empty folder. ++ PLANNED IMPROVEMENTS Enemy troops use their abilities more, such as Orbital Bombardments and Furious charge. Differing bonuses for holding the critical locations. Possibly bombing runs or other cool stuff Enemy Decapping more often. ++ I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this map pack, including the mappers and the guys who have posted the bugs. In particular I own a massive debt of thanks to Aralez for helping to sort out the maps and showing such support for this project. Without him this would not be such a strong release. I hope you all enjoy it, and thankyou for your support and encouragement. I'm really looking for some balance feedback concerning the difficulty levels. I think including the researches and upgrades could overpower the enemy waves, but I hope I've compensated for this by giving the player a little longer between waves to rebuild any of their totalled bases. If any of you have some feedback, bugs, strategies or want to meet up for a game with other survivalists, you can check out our forums here

Here's the link. File size is approx 29 MB, so 56kers be ready. DOWNLOAD FROM FILEFRONT HERE

Enjoy! ~Argonaut


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