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#1 11 years ago

Im tired of getting my ass kicked by SM in every single match...i can take most of the other races but this guys just no. Like my last game, i was stationed with 2 pimped out(hbs, plasma for champion) full squads of csms in heavy cover. I was guarding 2 of the 3 crits of the map so i my economy was flying. They had 2 full squads of marines as well with some scouts with plasma. I was working on some zerkers and sent them out to attack, every thing was going well until he brings out a dreadnought and wipes out my forces completely. Later he brought the fucking greys and it was game over for me...

Its always the same, dreadnought rape, grey rape, lose for me.

How do i play against these strats? How do i counter GKs and Dreadnoughts?


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21st January 2007

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#2 11 years ago

add a couple of squads of cultists armed with grenade launchers, set them from mele to ranged combat and to hold their postion, hopefully you have researched cultist infiltrate, the knockback from the grenade launchers is quite invaluable, also defilers are you freinds, use them as they have good ranged firepower and they are brutal in cc.

oblits are good for taking out dreadnoughts or an other cheap and easy way to take them out is to use infiltrated cultists armed with plasma guns


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6th November 2008

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#3 11 years ago

I'm no great fan of Chaos, but as a race they do have some distinct advantages if you use them right. The balance is really pretty close. A bit back someone opened a thread wondering if Chaos was way too overpowered and there is a lot of fairly useful information there:

For my two cents worth, if your opponent is at T3 or 4 I am guessing you are at the top tier as well. Keep a horror squad in bay to deepstrike when he drops a Dread, which should be reasonably effective. The real key, I think, is strategic use of your Bloodthirster which can be a lot more powerful than the Land Raider. As soon as you can, start wreaking havoc on outlying LPs to draw his best troops to you, then fly twice if necessary to leave them behind and get into his base itself. Ignore small fire and take out his orbital relay (which he can only ever have one of) and Armory if possible (he may have not bothered to make another of) which can severely weaken him. When the GK's and/or Assult Termies show up, your jump should have recharged and fly him off to another LP (best if over some impass so they have a long time catching up to you) or into where he has his generators set up. The Assult Termies can be the biggest struggle as they can teleport as well, but if you get them away from everyone else you should be able to trounce them. Don't forget to use your Obliterators either. A favorite is to fly in BT to the HQ area and then drop in the Obies as far back in as possible. Your opponent is going to have to pull almost all his troops from everywhere to get them out since if he just sends GK at BT you can gun them down easily. If you don't destroy his Orbital Relay in time, you might be unlucky enough to have a Dreadnought drop right beside your Obies, then the plan can be spoiled. If not, he will probably have to bring in almost his whole army, then take advantage to overrun most of his LP with your troops, then blockade his base and wear him down for the final victory.

Remember to use missile turrets and land mines all around your base, and build at least one extra HQ and research building. This is probably the best way to keep him from diving in with a sudden burst of Dreadnoughts and Termies. He can almost always get a land speeder to jump into your area and reveal it well enough to drop the pods, so a strong defense that doesn't occupy any of your troops or vehicles is essential. Make good use of any additional resources you have, and keep your builders busy!


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#4 11 years ago

I haven't played a 1v1 with Chaos for a long time but isn't the raptor harass and tech to T3 still the best way to beat space marines?

I think where you might be going wrong is you are staying in T1 to long. If SM get's to T2 before you I think Chaos have a hard time.

Horrors are great anti tank so I would recommend 'zerk and horrors possibly if you can't get to T3, but if SM goes mass plasma then you're 'zerks are going to get chewed up like bubble gum.

You need to be able to tie up the SM with with the zerks and concentrate the horrors on the dreads. Also the Sorcerer with chains of torment is a great help to tie up SM units.

T3 is the best way to go though I think. Possessed > GK


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#5 11 years ago

3 min defiler rush anyone? :D

ill see if i can find where i posted that strat, hasn't failed me yet! :p