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#1 10 years ago

Greetings, long time DOW player here, always played the campaign and skirmishes, never played on line. I want to install the annihilation mod, and discovered that DOW needs to be patched to 1.2. Fine, so after jumping through hoop after hoop I managed to get the 1.2 patch, I think, only to discover that first it needs to be patched to 1.1 or something like that. I simply cannot dl this file, I either get endlessly redirected or a message stating that "Your download has failed. You have an invalid session set. Click here to try your download again."

I have looked all over the net and pretty much get looped back to here, whereupon the download fails yet again. I have tried to find it on P2P and torrent, no luck. I think I would have an easier time getting plans for a suitcase nuke than patching this game, anyone know what gives here ?

Also, I understand it can be updated by bringing the game online. I tried that, tried to create a profile, only to be told time and time again that my password is no good. Any primers on how to set this on line thing up ? I have a store bought game with valid serial, so that couldn't be any problem.


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18th June 2008

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#2 10 years ago

unisntall it and reinstall and go to dowfiles.com and do to ss downloads section and official releases and then just download the patches and install them in order


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24th March 2008

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#3 10 years ago

have you tried to get it directly from the game? i mean, when you go online and it is not patched up yet then there schould come a screen with the right patch in the right order where you just have to click download and follow the simple install instructions. i estimate that you have an internet connection when you try to go online so you schould be able to get to that screen. maybe i post you a step'a'step guide to install that tomorow cause it's quite late right now. when you have a Windows Vista then forget all of the above cause then i will not work with the downloading. (when anyone thinks he has to post here that it DOES work on Vista than i am happy for you but on the Belgian/netherland/dutch version of Vista wich i own it will not and i'm just summing up all the possibilities here, ok?) so, when you have a not-working-vista-thingie (yes, damnit, 'thingie' IS a word) then you just have to download the patches (IN CORRECT ORDER!!!) from Dawn of War, Dawn of War Downloads - FileFront.com and when downloaded unzip (when neccesary, sometimes you do not even have to do that) and follow the very simple install instructions. to solve your problem wich you have now you have to delete the patches you already downloaded and installed, when you haven't installed them yet you do not have to delete them just see you install them in the correct order, when there's a problem, delete and download anew. this has helped me to fix my online capabilities and i hope it helps you to, but i can't guarantee, but to try is free so give it a shot and let me know if it worked! hope this helps Greetz4U