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#1 13 years ago

Hi all.I'm new to this forum so be nice:) I've had DoW for quite some time now,though I have only recently decided I'd like to construct my own mods.I have heard to start with it is a difficult and time-consuming process-don't worry I have the patience.I would like to know how to get started off though.I know nothing about modding really.Where can I get an upto date bunch of tools for Dark Crusade?Is DoW a good place to start?Are the tools self explanatory?Any help in general with modding would be cool.

As an aside,my Dark Crusade version of the game is in Spanish(I couldn't wait until I got home to the UK before buying it).Of course all the text in Spanish hurts my eyes as I can't decipher it.Is there anyway to change this to english?Usually you are asked on installation what language you want,but there isn't:(I've also tried in game options-to no avail.

So any help generally would be greatly appreciated.

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#2 13 years ago

yeah, you can have it on dowfiles. to make a mod, use attribute editor in DC mod tools. for help: search relic forums, i think you can find good tutorials.