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#1 13 years ago

LtApollo is making an IG mod and needs help. Here is his pos on DOW "Dufualt guard/PDF, well balenced troops nice army size decent tanks, get basic guard/solder basic tanks no spec units. cadian, they spec in infentry and conuscripts suported by tanks, so they will get conuscripts and comando units plus a decant tank force. steel legion, spec in veculer assalts and anti tank wep, so there solder will get spec anti tank weps plus a larger varity in tanks. catchan, spec in scouting and brute force, there solder will be buf kick **** solders who get great infentry and scout vecules but very few tanks. Inqistoral guards men (probly will put in), spec in anti demon wep and wide varity of troops, they get a large varity of eleit troops sutch as stoorm troopers and vertrans and (once reserched) get grey knights and inqisitor. First borns (depends if we can get them to coperate), spec in melle comabat and vetran troops , there solders will get hardend vetrans and armourd tanks but at a high cost. wut we need 1. a modler 1 or more (reqired) 2. a coder 1 or more (reqired) 3. a recorce guy 1 (not reqired) 4. a public relations guy 1 (reqired) 5. a secondary team leader 1 (not reqired) 6. a recruter 1 (reqired) 7. a map maker (not reqired) 8. a tester 2 or more (not reqired) IF YOU WUNT TO HELP EMAIL HIM AT [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]"