I had a 4 hour battle vs IG -1 reply

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15th December 2006

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#21 10 years ago

Like most of the peeps here have said..they would have given up after an hour or so..i had something similar to this, not as long but still lengthy..against the orks. I forget where exactly but they pretty much had a base right at the entrance to my base and so i had a pretty huge sized army after my base..thank Relic and the tanks as they pretty much are what kept the enemy at bay..then i got the idea to use the Raptors..(I did'nt mention I was playing Chaos did I) and managed to get some flew over the canyon walls surrounding the base..which got me the idea to make the Obliterators and instead of using all 3 to defend the base..id use the raptors to find the Ork HQ's...and swiftly took them out after a good hour or so battle....wow I wrote a lot there didnt I..