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#1 10 years ago

Hi evreyone i know quite a lot of you have asked me whats going to be in this mod for tallarns.what makes them diffrent from any ordinary guard?well heres the first army list here to show you.tell me what you think on the fourm so i can improve it,the lost and the dammed team think its really good,i will soon find out what the vostroyan firstbron time think.Then after what they say all my forms will be looking for people to help me (if you are intreasted in helping making this mod email me at: [EMAIL="dldron@hotmail.co.uk),oh"]dldron@hotmail.co.uk),oh[/EMAIL] yea for added bounse if you join you will ben in the vostroyan firstbon team and have this mod in theres. Well here you are then my first aemy list,plz dont say its a load of shit and stuff like that,becuase i spent a long time on this. hope you like it ;) HQ commander al'rahem: (hes a special tallarn character you might of heard of,who is actully a captian but commander sounds cooler) tallarn command squad: (this will be diffrent from the normal guard one becuase,it will not included prisets and psyeks but. vox caster,medicm, vetrains 1-3,commasior,commander of course) tallarn commisor: (like the normal one you can by form hq) captian akkir: (some famouse tallarn captian i read about in white dwarf magzien,who sounds pretty cool) Infantry tallarn sniper team:(hq unit bity like sm scouts but already with sniper rifles and infaltrite) tallarn nifantry: (standerd unit:ugrades,melta,rocket launcher,sniper)beisdes that nothing else realyl suits the theme of them tallaren heavy wepons squad:(heavy bolter,auto cannon,las cannon,mortar) tallarn vetrians: (elite tallarn fighters ugrades:bionics, camelon cloaks,helguns,sniper rfiels,rocket launcher,melta) tallarn stromtroopers?: (dont think they really fit into the theme,vetrians replace them) tallarn orygns?: (same as strom troopers dont really fit in,tell me what you think) tallarn rough riders: (tallarns fast atatck,brilliant anti-infantry and armour,becuase of the explosives strapped to there lances,mad!!,but fun) Vechials Tallarn chimera: (more faster then normal,but hardly any aromour.Big like a us half track in ww2) tallarn balisk: (probally a reskin or even a redesign) tallarn mukaali rough rider: (replaces leomon.Is basicly a rough rider on a giant dionasuar thing) tallarn sentinal: (probally redisgn to look like tallarn version,whith auto cannon,instead of laz one) tallarn heavy sentinal: (same as normal tallarn snetinal,but with two rocket launcher pods on the sides of it, instead of autocannon on the bottom) nuke,warhound titian: (dont like the idea of baneblade, think its about time there was a mod what let you play with a titian and not just on one map,though a very good map it was. Also think it will farien it out for the tallarn faction,them not having any tanks) well im not 100% certian yet on what type of upgrades for tallarns,but will have some soon. now all you have to do is tell me what you think about it,(becuase your the people who are going to play it). Tell me also on any of your ugrade ideas for tallarn. rember this mod by the people and for the people. "there is only the emperor and he is our shiled and protector" waraelm ;)


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17th November 2007

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#2 10 years ago

um ya... i dont know if you know this but ther is already a tallarn mod in progress and they are very close to being done so you might wunt to do another race cus um... well not to be rude but do you have any moding experance?


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21st March 2007

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#3 10 years ago

@waraelm: relic and mod teams have decided to not include characters from w40k into DoW for well known reasons - it would be weird to see famous and invincible heroes dying and revive again...also unfluffy (look onto Steel Legion and its legendary commander, I-DH and its Inquisitor...). So I think it would be better to replace: commander al'rahem with sthing like ... Heroic Senior Officer/Desert Fox , captian akkir.... Jackal, tallarn sniper team.... guerillas/Desert Rats ( ;) ) or sthing like that... ..I think psykers are present in tallarn army lists... @apollo: I think he knows about that... I wrote that already (twice I think). regards