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#1 13 years ago

Hi All, I think is time to think about a definitive mod that will do the changements of the gameplay of this expansion that many people is waiting from many times. I'm speakin' about to make this game a "real" tactical and strategical simulation of the warhammer 40k warfare. The idea is to make the gameplay of Dark Crusade similar to the "total war" series. The way to do this is now, with this new expansion, more accessible for all the modders. The first steo, i think, will be to let the troops, made in a battle, to remain in the battlefield like the building. To do this, for examle, will be necessary to work on the peristence of the units in the right sbps file. The way is long but my idea is clear: to have a real simulation with a tactical game (during the single battles) and a stategical game (to build and organize troops). Will be necessary to change also some attributes to the squads, to let the tatical game more slow and, excuses, "tatical". To let the palyer to dedicate the battle time only to the fight, to the position of his troops and to find the right way to attack the defending enemy or to defend himself from an attackin orde. waiting for yours opinions i say bye :cya::cya::cya:


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#2 13 years ago

Sounds nice... too bad i cant mod, otherwise id love to help