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#1 13 years ago

First of all I'd really love it if the Dark Eldar race was introduced to Dawn of War. I might be a little late with this thread, and I haven't really read through every single post in the DoW forums yet, and if there's mentions of the DE somewhere I apologize for the naggin'. :P I assure you it's not intended. Anyway... Dark Eldar would be very neat to play with. In the tabletop I usually play with Space Wolves Space Marine chapter, however I have a reserve Eldar Alaitoc army if I get bored to play with my marines all the time :) however the Eldar is a bit too "good" for my taste. Apart from Dark Eldars it would really be interesting to see Tyranids in DoW. There's several excellent mods adding Tyranids into the game, however an official expansion, or a new DoW 2, adding them would be the most thrilling thing, at least for me, in the history of gaming since StarCraft 2 was announced :D Secondly I'm interested to see how far Relic is prepared to go when it comes to graphics engines, gameplay and physics and all that. A DoW 2 wouldn't be wrong to see announced. And if possible; to introduce every single Warhammer 40K race in it :D Technically they already have introduced every race, but I mean the different special abilities for the separate races, such as the veterans found in the Dark Angels space marine chapter, with the robes and all, or that the Catachan Imperial Guard units actually fights better than most armies in jungle maps. I know it's a bit too early to even consider these subjects, however I felt it to be an interesting topic overall, and I also think that peoples ideas and thoughts are interesting.


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#2 13 years ago

there is an game-play discussion for dow 2 in this forums, and there we have already said about customizing every (almost) aspect, like customizing shoulder pads, armors, weapon shapes, special abilities (not really said about), and what there good on


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#3 13 years ago

yeah I noticed. So I kindly ask people viewing this thread to ignore it :P as I said I didn't read through the posts too good ^^ learnt my lesson now though ^^