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#21 12 years ago

I would obviously say Necrons, but the space marines are invulnerable during 1 on 1 missions when they become fully fortified. It was hard to pick, both being amazingly fun classes and unanoying ones too,(IE: Whitness your doooooom!, WAAAAAAAAAGH, and For CHAOS!) I don't mean to offend, but they can become extreamly annoying. But here's my rationale... Necrons have one recource required to gather, power. Necrons are well fortified right off the back Necrons have the most amazing animations, unit styles, and ideas I mean come on, a robotic race that crawls from the earth.. um i mean Kronus. AND Necrons have a frikin MONLITH!!!! what's better than that, nothing I'll tell you unless its FLAYED ONES!!!!! and all those who bag on necrons(if any do, i dont really know of any) the necrons start off very slow, that is they build units extremely slow, and they are heavily reliant on their monolith and power gens. and for the record :lovesign: flayed ones!


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27th May 2007

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#22 12 years ago

I say my favourite army is Imperial Guard, Krieg ones if accurate because of they are normal people like us(not some super-hyder-muscle arnold swarchneggers in big armors swinging super-duper-cool weapons and some of 'em having demonic rape abilities), IG, especially Krieg/armageddon/steel are little bit WW2'ish like having soviets, axis and allies mixed up, you can EASILY think being one of em and then compare into today's life (for example being khorne supporter, would you honestly start killing every person? But in IG you can think it as modern army, army conscripts you so you get easily in unlike Space Marines, you get training for combat, depending your chosen combat role etc. crappy one but you get the idea).

For one moment I thought about Tau's or Eldar's but then Eldar sounds annoying (atleast in DOW, they seem to be so full of wiseness/themselves) and Tau well, Dow's Tau music sounds Japanese'ish and that way to anime and Evangelion..

1. Ig. Due to easily can sort yourself in it and being WW2'ish IMO. 2. Chaos(/SM?). Due to having some sort of "monarchy". Get reputation from Gods by giving them sacrifices and Conquering in their name, Reward would be something great, like "developing" from normal human into Chaos Space Marine. (Basicly this could work in Imperium to get in Space Marine but I dunno is it so. Worship/do something enough for the Emperor and you are rewarded). Also heard one of the gods is into pleasure, You know what I mean.(Two-minded bastard aye. I'm pervert) 3. Dark Eldar. Theehee maybe I'm little bit perverted :D 4. Tau/Eldar. What is this "Greater Good"? God or something or is it like Space Soviet Union while Imperium is Space Nazi+Allies+Soviet Union Combination? If Eldar's are so wise, why they won't take things into their control and regain their power, strength and hold in as Most Powerfull Empire. 5. The Rest. Orks, Necrons, Nids. No thanks I'd like to be as Human as I can. Or close to human.


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#23 12 years ago

the Tau cause they are the youngest and one of the advanced races within the WH40k universe not only that combined the Tau and Kroot together and you have and nice and effective combanation of ranged and melee which i think is one of the best then add the broadside, crisses, hammerheads and skyrays and then you have a force to reakon with (the wrath of the Tau)....:bows:


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#24 12 years ago

IG because there the average joes sent to do a not so average job Save Humanity!!! I also like them because there human and i have a natural affinity with them and well they have invented some serious firepower over the years ...... Lemans, Baneblades , Warhounds ,Imperators


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#25 12 years ago
they have invented some serious firepower over the years ...... Lemans, Baneblades , Warhounds ,Imperators

The imperial guard did not invent the titans it was the adeptus mechanicus but the imperials do use them though


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#26 12 years ago

Tau have heavier firepower (railguns) but just not in the same numbers as IG