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#1 11 years ago

Hello there,

I'ld like to ask anybody here for help. My problem is that I own "Dawn of War - Soulstorm", but I can't update that game with the official patch (patch from v1.00 to v1.10) because this patch only runs on WinXP. My problem is, that I only use Win2k as operation system - therefore I need a special and unofficial patch. I've been looking around in the internet amd found only one patch, that i can use. This patch is called "SS_EN_1.00_1.10_Patch_Win2k.exe". This is an unofficial patch. I tried download this patch from various torrents, but all torrents seem to be "dead" (okay... Win2k is not an up-to-date operation system :( ).

Can someone please tell my a good working download link (Rapidshare, living torrents with working traffic, of other sources) to get this file?

Thank you for help!