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I cannot program mods myself, but I would love it if someone would make a "Heroes" Mod, adding one special hero character to each army in Soulstorm. Only one such character should be made available for each army. The special character should usually be made availabe only once the highest level of research is accomplished for the army. Each hero can be attached to lead any squad within the army.

The Ork hero is a Wierdboy, an Orky psycher. One of his psychic powers is the "Foot of Mork," an area-effect attack that is shaped like an enormous foot that decends to crush all units (friend or foe) within the target area. When the Wierdboy is attached to a squad, the squad will be able to inflict a higher amount of damage in close combat.

The Tau hero is a Shadow Hunter. The character is always infiltrated and can also detect enemy infiltrated units. When attached to a squad, the squad also becomes infiltrated. The character is armed with a fusion blaster and stasis grenades. Stasis grenades will explode with an area of effect. A stasis grenade will affect all units (including infantry, vehicles, buildings, friend or foe) that are caught within the area of effect. Affected units cannot move, use abilities, attack, or be attacked until the effect wears off. Stasis grenades effectively freeze the units in time for a short period. The character must wait a considerable period of time in between uses of the stasis grenade.

The Necron hero is a Spirit Walker. When the character is attached to a squad, the squad will be able to move more quickly than normal. The Spirit Walker is armed with a gauss cannon and vortex grenades. A vortex grenade generates a large swirling vortex of warp energy that will kill most infantry units caught within the area, and it will cause immense damage to vehicles and buildings. Like the Eldrich Storm, the effect lasts for a short period of time, and the character must wait a considerable period of time in between uses of the vortex grenade.

The Eldar hero is a Fire Dragon Phoenix Lord. He is armed with a bright lance. Any squad to which he is attached will receive the benefit of additional force field protection, making them more durable. When the Phoenix Lord is attached to a Fire Dragon squad, the range of the squad's weapons will be increased to equal that of the Dark Reapers.

The hero for the Imperial Guard is a Kasrkin Captain. The Captain is a highly durable bionic man, who is strong in close combat. He is armed with a heavy bolter and a power sword. When he is attached to any squad, the morale of the squad will never break. When attached to a Kasrkin squad, all weapons used by the squad will inflict a higher amount of damage than usual.

The Space Marine hero is a Terminator Captain. He is armed with a pair of power fists and a shoulder-mounted cyclone missile launcher. The cyclone missile launcher will fire single missiles at the same rate of speed as an ordinary missile launcher; however, it can also be used to fire a salvo of missiles. When firing a salvo, an area effect is generated; all targets within the area are hit as if struck by a missile. Once a salvo is fired, the character must wait a considerable period of time before firing again. When the Captain leads a Terminator squad, the entire squad is able to move more quickly.

The hero for the Sisters of Battle is an Evangelist. She is protected by the Aura of Purity, which makes her more durable than most other warriors of the Sisterhood. She is armed with a heavy flamer and equipped with a personnal teleporter. When attached to a squad, the entire squad can be teleported with her.

I have not developed any special heroes for the Chaos or Dark Eldar armies because I never play with those armies. [I find the entire idea of demons taking on physical form to be offensive.] If you want to develop and add special hero characters for those armies, I will leave it entirely to your discretion.

I have always loved playing the Warhammer 40K tabletop game. I immensely enjoy using special characters to see what heroic deeds they can accomplish. I believe that a "Heroes Mod" will add a tremendous amount of enjoyment to Dawn of War Soulstorm. Please post your comments to let me know if you like my ideas or not. Please let me know if you will undertake to produce this Mod.