Chaos have to many CC units -1 reply

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12th October 2005

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#11 15 years ago

As for the jump units or teleporting units such as Raptors,Warp Spiders and ect. They still have there use,it is just that to many people rely on brute force in this game now a days then actually strategy.They still offer a quick attack or can still be used as a flank/ambush unit but atlast as I said its now about spamming the strongest troops. And at some point if they start adding to many units alot of the units will be like one and another as for skill/type of unit. There are only so many units that you can add before they start to do the same thing.Thats why I play the Eldar because each one of there units has a special ability that the excel in which all again comes back to stategy.If the Raptors use properly they still can be a big problem to a player

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